Thursday, March 6, 2008

PGC In Australia

I'm not going to lie, Project Global Cooling in Hawaii was really stressing me out. I thought that maybe I had gotten myself into something I wouldn't be able to finish. But students have come to the rescue. We've got a club going. We're starting to gather sustainability projects and post them to the PGC site. Our concert planning continues to move forward. And best of all, PGC has led to new collaborations with schools around the world.

Yesterday's Skype with Jenny Luca's class in Melbourne, Australia came just in time. Lately, my days have been filled with meetings, leaving barely enough time for my own class, and next to no time for professional development 2.0. So thanks Jenny for inviting us to talk with your class about our school's sustainability initiative.

flickr photo credit: emptybelly

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jenny said...

A pleasure Chris - it's good to know there are others out there. Don't worry - I'm feeling mighty stressed myself. We've got next to no time to pull something off - I can feel my already high blood pressure raising by the minute. Hope to keep talking so we can bouy each other along.

Jenny Luca.

C. Watson said...

Jenny, Yes, web 2.0 collaboration is a wild ride. But I'm finding more and more that it's a different kind of stress, maybe hard-to-contain excitement is more accurate. I'm looking forward to working together and following each other's classes and blogs.

Candice said...

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