Tuesday, March 13, 2007

When A Place Becomes A Person

When my wife and I were creating the save the dates we sent out for our wedding, we walked around downtown Seattle taking pictures in front of places we love. On the ferry, at the market, strolling the pier. But the pictures that we go back to are not memorable because of the places. They're important to us because of the people that characterize the places. Soundgarden made famous Spoonman. And Pianoman is a ficture on the corner of Pine and Pike. This video reminded me of those people and places. Except the place is the web in this case.


zachary said...

Seattle is great and all, but Billy Joel is THE Piano Man.

Lindsey said...

During 1990-1993 my step dad lived on the pennisula and in the U district in Seatle. He worked security at the Underground night club. Did you ever make it down there, he asks? Good times to be had after hours. He is VERY familiar with the places you were talking about, he spent a lot of time in at the Sound Garden (and I love the band, haha)