Thursday, January 25, 2007

Where I've Been Lately

Lately, I've only been averaging a blog post every four or five days. The reason is a blog page that I've been maintaining for my sophomore English class. I've been so excited about the quality of thought happening in our online learning environment that I've been spending most of my time helping the 39 of them get set up and blogging. But all the time I've been spending reading their blogs and maintaining our class page has brought to my attention several questions: What kind of writing is blogging? Is it the same as an essay? Should there be a rubric? Should it be different than for other (on paper) writing? Do we still need to write essays and other kinds of pieces on paper? If so, how do I make the connection, especially considering audience and purpose? Does it then get posted on the blogs?
Then, I went home and read Throughlines and Borderland where Bruce and Doug were writing about what I considered pretty close to the same subject, but from a reading perspective. What I think I'm going to do is to debrief with my sophomores, after a week and a half of blogging, about this question of reading/writing experiences. Results to follow...


Bruce Schauble said...

The class page looks great, Chris. This is exactly what I want to set up with my sophs. I've got the 11:30 group working out of a wiki, but want to get the 8:30 group set up with a blog. Let's talk next week...

Clay Burell said...

Hi Chris,

I like this blog. Interesting reflections and readings, and nice design.

I feel your pain about the student blogging absorption. That's almost all I write about on Beyond School, and it fascinates me so much I find myself reading and writing less and less about anything else.

Which is fine with me. It's like work is my hobby now :)

Anyway, just popped in to say hi.

Can you email me so we can talk offline about connecting out students?