Thursday, January 4, 2007


I haven't posted since last year because I decided to avoid glowing screens during my trip to Seattle over winter break. Everything was cold-crisp there and with only six or seven hours of daylight, I was provided the opportunity to think and look for some clarity for the new year, new semester, new group of students, and new use of blogs in my curriculum.

Originally, I started this blog as an experiment to figure out how to use blogging tools, where they might fit in an English class, and what it feels like to participate in a collective, ongoing dialogue about education. Now I find myself re-focusing and redirecting. This time of year and semester, I always find myself doing this, and usually there's a feeling of solitude that goes along with the questioning of practice. So I was relieved to read my colleague Bruce's recent post about his own next-semester-reflection and the link to Borderland where Doug Noon asks similar questions of his practice, specifically his blogging. Both posts helped me get some perspective on what I've been doing and motivated me to get back in the game today.

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