Thursday, January 8, 2009

Links 1-8-08

Here are some links that I've found useful. They all came to me via Twitter. Thanks.

The Digital Narrative - A nice one-stop for resources and ideas for creating diginarratives. I wish I would've found this link before my students started final project.

The Online Disinhibition Effect
- My Plan B is steering me towards the social culture of technology at my school. This is a pretty interesting skim.

Blog Design 2009
- In '08 cybersprawl got me down. I like minimalism and try to keep my online activity managed through a single-point of entry. This post has me inspired to reorganize.

Brainy Flix - A cool idea/contest for vocabulary or any other concept.

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Wesley Fryer said...

Thanks so much for sharing "The Digital Narrative" site, Chris. I realize that post is pretty old, but I'm just reading it this evening... hope all is well with you. :-)