Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Notes On First Student-Teacher Course Design Collaboration

Lindsey, of student2.0 notoriety, and I met today for our first work session. Our goal is to design and propose a new kind of course at our school, described on Twitter by Clay Burell. The idea is that students will create their own learning networks and apprentice in an area of interest. So far, we're also thinking that designing, maintaining, and modeling for a student network would be part of the course, as well as aggregating all the sustainability-related work that happens across our campus and figuring out how to best manage and publish it. We plan to podcast our meetings, and I hope we can create and post materials too. Just an update.


Lindsea said...

You have a slight typo: Lindsea, not Lindsey. I'm incognito.

Anyways, I've been brainstorming about some ideas regarding the class this afternoon, so expect an email.

C. Watson said...

Sorry about the typo. Feel free to post your ideas as comments here too, just one more place to access them.