Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ethics Of Blogging Commonplace

I started my exploration of blogging ethics with a simple Google search for "blogging ethics." Not expecting much because of previous frustration at Borders bookstore, I was pleasantly suprised to find myriad resources for a new blogger. My first stop was CyberJournalist where the editors had modified the journlism code of ethics as it applies to blogging. I'm not sure that it speaks to what I'm trying to do or what my students will be trying to do, nevertheless, it's a great start. Basically, they cover universal intellectual standards of which students should be cognizant already.
Next, I read an article on from 2003 on plagiarism in blogging. I was reminded of a Malcolm Gladwell essay called "Something Borrowed" published in the New Yorker in which Gladwell discuss the fact that every writer starts with something from somebody else, and it's this literary/intellectual networking-telephone-game that makes reading and writing (and blogging) such a rich experience.
The most concise of what I've read so far has been from Rebecca Blood in her handbook for blogging. She describes amateur blogging's lack of ethics as its hamartia and lists several straightforward guidelines.
I think I get it, but The Cost of Ethics, Blogging Ethics,and Blogging Ethics II are also worth clicks.
Finally,and most relevant to students and probably to me as a non-journalist is an article by David Parry I linked to from Will Richardson's blog.

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